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Letter from the editor

I am now the editor of The Pickens Sentinel.
I found out last Friday when my publisher, Scott, called me into his office. Since I’m kind of paranoid to begin with, I instantly thought that I was about to accused of some monumental fuck-up, fired, and lead through the streets so the crowd could laugh and point before I was executed by firing squad.
Instead, I was promoted, with a nice little bump in pay and a huge amount of responsibility to go along with it.
The way we’ve been working it, The Easley Progress concentrates mostly on Easley and the Sentinel focuses on the rest of the county. There’s give and take each way but those are the rough guidelines.
So I’ve gone from covering a city where I have a lot of good contacts to covering a large area where I don’t know nearly as many people.
But I’m excited. I think I respond well to challenges. When I first started working at the Progress, I had no newspaper experience and had to hit the ground running. It was the best education I could possibly have given myself, even though most of my articles from my first six months at the paper are pretty terrible.
I’ll still be writing for the Progress and my weekly column, Scales of Truth, will continue as long as I can keep coming up with ideas for it. I’m working on an idea for a Pickens Sentinel column that I would write ever week.
Speaking of columns, my friend Michael Brown has been writing a movie review column for the Progress for the past few weeks. Michael at the Movies appears every two weeks. His reviews are great, even though he’s been watching garbage as it’s garbage-movie season. I hope he gets to see something good soon.
My first day up at the Sentinel is Monday. I hope it goes well. I’m a boss now, with a writing of staff of one besides me, but I’m responsible for how the paper looks, what goes where, and writing assignments. On the editorial side, I’m now the number three man, under Scott and my managing editor Ben. I’m pretty young to be an editor but I’m going to make the most of it. It’s going to be pretty awesome.
Wish me luck everybody.
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