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greatcalvero coat of many colors, that I was so proud of....

The good thing about 15 hour Mondays: they allow you to take Fridays off. The bad thing about 15 hour Mondays: everything else.

I have discovered What a marvelous invention. Thanks to them, I am completely rocking out to Dolly Parton's "Coat of Many Colors" right now. I love this song. Stupid kids, making fun of Dolly and her homemade coat.

I'm seeing Jonathan Richman in a couple of weeks. It's a damn shame that nobody seems to know who he is even though "Roadrunner" is one of the best rock songs ever. If people know him at all, it's from being the guitar-playing troubadour who pops up randomly in "There's Something About Mary".

I'm interviewing author Steve Almond Monday. He'll be appearing as part of Clemson's Literary Festival next month, along with Brock Clarke, Keith Morris and Dave Eggers.

Almond's probably best known for Candyfreak, his non-fiction novel about his ongoing obsession with candy, but his short story collection "The Evil B.B. Chow" and his new collection of essays "Not That You Asked" are really good as well. I'd recommend NTYA solely for his piece on Kurt Vonnegut and the piece on the fallout after Almond resigned from his teaching position at Boston College after the college invited Condoleezza Rice to be commencement speaker.

I'm really looking forward to the interview. Hopefully we can run the whole piece or put it all up on the Web site.
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